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Anal adventure in Cuba
02:34, 2012-Oct-24  This happened when my husband and I vacationed in Cuba, Sergei.Went the second week our stay on the island. Everything was just great, it was a paradise. We looked tnogda <a href=
Anal sex without registration Hotel, the beach is just a fairy tale. in the evening various entertainment.I mostly sunbathing and swimming. Husband still diving down on the bottom. in the evening went to bars and discos. Husband danced little more sitting and watching. And I'm hanging out on the full.That's one of the evening and began the story, about what I write.It was, as always, as in previous days. Or almost as usual. Swam, sunbathed, went to sea on a boat - the husband scuba dived, and I swam a little on the high seas, and then light up. In the evening in a bar in the evening of Latin American dances, that's where it all started.Husband mostly sat and watched, and I danced, sometimes going back to it, which would take a breath.And when I once again returned to the table, he said:- Let's go to him.- Serge, it's too late. Give me some more ...But he was adamant. In appearance it was clear that he was not in the spirit. I argue with him did not. All the way up to the room he was silent.But as soon as we crossed the threshold, he said:- How are you acting like this?- How? I was surprised by his words.- You're acting like a ... - he paused, choosing his words - you twist your ... Everyone saw that under your skirt ...- Serge ...- Yes, and the boat was building his eyes ...I stared at his eyes, what is it, that even for Anal sex and stockings. So I swam a little while it was under water. Then lights up. Yes maybe I wore a swimsuit pretty outspoken. But I'm not who did not build his eyes, I have nothing like this even in thought not. Well asked some water to drink, bring me a bottle of tonic Cuban. But nothing else was. Yes, I felt his eyes on me when sunbathing ... Yeah, when my husband went to the boat, he was sitting next to me - we were having, I tonic, it beer. He then told me that, but I still do not understand ...And then I went off ...Word by word, we quarreled and scared I ran out of the room, slamming the door. He did not even try to stop. I wandered through the alleys trying to calm down. In our room, the lights, the man does not sleep so I was in no hurry to return.I went back to the bar where they were before. It still sounded Latin tunes. But the mood was already wrong. I sat at the bar and ordered a drink. Then another and another ...When I drank pretty well, a little calmer. Improved mood, resentment left by the wayside. I looked with interest at the dancers ...I was approached by a Cuban young guy (in my opinion, he was 17-18 years old, although I may be wrong), and without a word took me by the arm and pulled him to the dance floor. Caught unawares, I was a little taken aback ... But I myself was not averse to dance, so no resistance followed.Once again, I danced to these rhythmic beats - samba, rumba and other dances, whose names I do not know.These rhythms zabylis trouble that day. Or almost forgotten.The mood was again excellent. The guy, his name was Jose, did not leave me an inch.When I force no longer exists, we went back to the bar. He said something to the bartender, and soon appeared in front of me a cocktail. He was a three-layer, I looked at Jose. He showed me his thumb. The taste was very nice, although it was krepkovat for me. Soon I felt the strength began to return to me, in the body there was some sort of lightness.Then again, dancing, dancing until the buzzing tired legs. Seats at the bar were not, we were seated at one of the tables. Again cocktail ... And then I realized that was sharply drunk. It was time to go ...But had a weakness in his legs. And did not want to hear another piece of moralizing. And there was so much fun and easy ...Jose that he would say, sitting side by side and holding my hand in his hands. While some of his words were familiar to me, meaning I do not fully understand. Sat nodding and smiling ...Five more minutes and I'll go ... - I decided.But it took five minutes, then another, then another ...On the table there was another cocktail.I had a strange state - I was very drunk, but at the same time there was some sort of lightness. Once again, I was ready to dance, but I did not feel like it. In my head there was fog, but all perfectly understand and feel. And at the same time confused thoughts in my head, all kinds of desires come and go ...I could not understand what was wrong.And while I was trying to understand what happened to me on my knee went to hand Jose. And the most interesting thing that I reacted to it very calmly. Little hand lay quietly on the knee, and then began stroking my leg. I was pleased I did not have even thought to clean it out ...Without meeting resistance, Jose carefully hand moved up her thigh while sliding her dress up.I and before that was a little excited state, but when scanned Brutal anal sex online for free on a wonderful porn site And now to the increasing excitement, I punched butterfly. My chest felt hot. His mouth was dry.Spontaneously parted legs ...His hand was getting closer and closer ...I was like hypnotized - I perfectly saw the hem of my dress goes up and up, exposing my tanned slender legs, and there are neither any attempt to stop it.I did not care, except that we had people at the bar and someone could see it all ...The heat began to go down, abdominal ache and become wet. And when his hand touched the cloth pants, I realized - I want! I did not care who it is - the husband, the Cuban boy or someone else ... I want to! And I did not care who ...He stroked me through the fabric, I was shaking from my desire overflowed. I even covered her mouth with his hand, afraid that I can moan ...Then he took my hand and led somewhere. His vision was a blur.We have passed on what that path and came here ... I've never been in front of me were pieces of 10 bungalows. He led me to one of them. Inside, besides the bed, I do not see that it was, but all in a daze.He abruptly put me on the bed and unzipped his jeans. Before my eyes appeared standing member. This guy was a pretty decent tool. I took it in his hand, ran her finger on the head, trunk member. I broke a fever, chills desire.I did not have to beg, I myself took it into his mouth. First part of his lips wrapped around the head, I began to swallow it deeper and deeper, until it rested in my throat. Member entered into your mouth whole, it was long.I sucked the head like a lollipop, then swallowing dick on as she could, with the working language.
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